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Counselor STEPCon23
November 8, 2023

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The number of STEM jobs in the Inland Empire is increasing faster than our educational system is providing a skilled STEM-ready workforce. Counselors are key to building a STEM workforce pipeline and STEP recognizes the need to provide opportunities for counselors to engage with STEM professionals and post-secondary partners in order to understand all of the secondary and post-secondary steps a student needs to take if they are interested in a STEM career. The Counselor STEPCon will focus on Inland Empire STEM careers and the local educational institutions that students can attend in order to qualify for STEM jobs. We will hear from STEM professionals and educators on the recommended courses and skills that are needed in the STEM workforce which counselors can use when counseling students on their pathway to a STEM career. Counselor STEPCon aims to be a comprehensive support system for building the STEM-literate ecosystem that places a STEM career as an attainable goal for all Inland Empire students.